Navigate the many different roles in our lives

Navigating Your Many Roles in Life

Another round of the Networking Mixer and Professional Development session was held in May and this time, we talked about ways we could navigate the many different roles in our lives. There were many first timers who attended the session and we’re truly happy that they could join us!

We had the privilege of inviting our speaker, Kah Mun, who is an alumna from the School of Medical and Life Sciences. Kah Mun is a clinical psychologist by profession and founder of ACT Kuala Lumpur (ACTKL), the first ACT Centre in the region. She is passionate in providing therapy for people facing burnout.

This session was a little different compared to our past networking mixers as Kah Mun conducted it as an experiential talk. It is very common that we wear many different hats in life, being a child, spouse, parent, employee, employer, student, etc. Often, we might feel overwhelmed with the thought of doing our best to perform our roles. Kah Mun reminded and taught us that it is important to invite compassion and kindness to ourselves while juggling the various roles, responsibilities and expectations in life.

We also had Dr Woo Pei Jun, Head of the Psychology Department, join us for the panel session together with Kah Mun as they graciously answered some of the deep questions raised by the participants. We hope that everyone learned something really valuable in treating oneself with kindness and compassion, and giving oneself grace from time to time. 

After the session ended, we adjourned to the usual networking session over some good food! We made new connections and reconnected with others. To those who couldn't make it this round, fret not, the next one is coming soon! Stay tuned to find out more!

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