To instill the value of giving

CWAC – Cultivating A Giving Generation

We recently concluded a month-long campaign entitled "Campus with A Conscience: Cultivating A Giving Generation," which took place from mid-May to mid-June. Led by the Sunway Scholarship Unit, the campaign aimed to instill the value of giving in both students and alumni. Alumni had the privilege of participating in two events as part of this campaign: Exploratory Day and Sports Day. These events were designed to provide children from underprivileged backgrounds with opportunities to explore their interests and enjoy themselves through sports.

When we opened volunteer registration to our alumni, we were overwhelmed by the swift and enthusiastic response. We are immensely grateful to our alumni for their willingness to contribute their time and spend it with the children. During the Exploratory Day, our alumni volunteers helped children from Rumah Juara and Rumah Hope discover their interests and potentially identify future career paths. The children learned a lot and engaged in meaningful conversations with our alumni.

In collaboration with the Sunway Sports Council, we organised a Sports Day for children from React School, Fugee School, Myanmar Refugee School, and the Petaling Jaya Committee. Our alumni not only facilitated the station games but also actively participated, creating a fun and enjoyable experience for both the children and themselves. Despite the tiring nature of the event, the joy on the children's faces made it all worthwhile. The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including YB Michelle Ng, ADUN of Subang Jaya, Professor Dato’ Elizabeth Lee, Group CEO of Sunway Education Group, and Ms. Lee Siok Ping, Director of Student LIFE.

This campaign was truly remarkable and thoughtful. It brought together students and alumni, fostering a sense of community and giving back. We hope that it serves as an inspiration for everyone to lead selfless lives and contribute to transforming our community into a better place through acts of generosity. 

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