Alumni from near and far returned to campus

Sunway Alumni Homecoming 2023

We trust that you heard about our recent Sunway Alumni Homecoming, and it was truly a fantastic event! Alumni from near and far returned to campus, some for the first time since graduation, while others visited the new campus for the first time. We were thrilled to see so many familiar faces! The day began with campus tours for alumni who hadn't visited in a while. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the campus' growth and development over the years, highlighting the institution's progress since its establishment.

Later, we organised a networking session where lecturers reconnected with alumni from their respective schools and programmes. It was an informal gathering, allowing lecturers to catch up and share the latest achievements of their schools, making everyone proud of their alma mater. As evening approached, the doors of Jeffrey Cheah Hall opened, and a carnival-like atmosphere filled the air. Cotton candy and popcorn carts provided delightful snacks, a massive backdrop welcomed everyone for photos, and an automated photo booth allowed attendees to capture memories of the evening.

It didn't take long for alumni to reconnect with old friends, former lecturers, and club advisors. Witnessing alumni from various generations getting to know each other was heartwarming, emphasising the interconnectedness of everyone through the institution. Seniors shared their wisdom with younger alumni, reinforcing the institution's strength through the blend of youth and experience.

The event kicked off with a mesmerising performance by the Sunway University 24 Festive Drums team, followed by a nostalgic video showcasing the evolution of Sunway College and Sunway University from the PJ campus days. Attendees were delighted to see how the campus had transformed, even spotting familiar faces on the big screen.

As everyone enjoyed a sumptuous meal, Merakki, a band consisting of School of Arts alumni, took the stage to perform their original songs, adding a unique and vibrant atmosphere to the evening. Our Guest of Honour, Professor Dato' Elizabeth Lee, then shared her fond memories of Sunway and encouraged everyone to contribute to the community by giving back through their Time, Talent, and Treasure. This support would help the next generation acquire valuable skills and receive quality education at Sunway.  

The event continued with an electrifying performance by the Sunway University Cheerleading team, winners of the recent Korea Open Cheerleading Competition. We also recognised three outstanding alumni with the Sunway Distinguished Alumni Award, Sunway Outstanding Young Alumni Award, and Giving Sunwayian Award, celebrating their remarkable achievements and their dedication to the institution.

Throughout the night, we distributed lucky draw prizes to many fortunate winners. The evening concluded with an energetic performance by our very own DJ Mah Man, a Sunway alumnus and member of the Alumni Relations team. We hope everyone had a memorable reunion with friends and lecturers and that this event brought back cherished memories. 

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