Understanding Innovation At The Workplace

We had an amazing time during our first Networking Mixer and Professional Development session of the year. We’re so thrilled to see many first-time attendees this round!



For this session, we’re very honoured and privileged to have our VUMBA alumnus, Richard Ong with us to share on the topic “Understanding Innovation at the Workplace”. Richard is an Innovation Coach, leading the Corporate Innovation & Strategy team at PETRONAS, and has an extensive and impressive background in tech, FinTech, real estate, and new energy. With such an impressive resume, it is no surprise that Richard has won multiple awards coupled with his notable accomplishments such as being featured on national radio, and most importantly, meeting King Charles to discuss his entrepreneurial efforts in Malaysia. That said, many were eager to hear from Richard and what golden nuggets he had to share with us.

We learned that even though innovation is vital in every workplace, not all innovation processes work the same way. It comes down to the structure of the workplace: startup, and corporate. Each has their own pros and cons, which would then require us to think and operate differently based on the challenges presented. Richard also shared several case studies that will enable us to apply what was learned throughout the sharing session in practicality.



As usual, we adjourned for lunch and networking after a round of Q&A. It was very heartwarming to see alumni from different cohorts talking to one another albeit not the first time. It was also very encouraging to see a mother-daughter alumni duo attending the session! It is our sincere hope that we will be able to provide value and benefits to not just one but many generations of Sunway Alumni, and we’re more than glad to see it happening.

That said, if you couldn’t make it for this round’s Networking Mixer and Professional Development, we have more coming your way this year! Our upcoming session will be on 4th May, 10am-1pm, so mark your calendars and come excited! 

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