Bringing about a positive impact

1 June 2022
Shamalan Rajesvaran

Shamalan Rajesvaran

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” This quote by Martin Luther King resonates strongly because the ability to help one another and bring about a positive impact is important to me.

I was involved in a project of setting up a centre that provides education for refugee children called MANNA Learning Centre. Refugee children are denied access to the formal education system in Malaysia. Hence, my team and I worked tirelessly to set up a learning space for refugee children. I genuinely believe that giving back to the community has not just transformed my perspective, but I have also learned so much about various communities, which has allowed me to play an active role in giving back. This sense of community awareness has been pivotal for me to learn how I can play a more active role in bringing about a positive impact to the community.

This has undoubtedly been an eye-opening experience. It has given me a first-hand view of the daily struggles and challenges of the refugees. It can be vastly accessible for us to take our little privileges for granted—for example, the ability and access to education and work. Any contribution is vital to the continuation of charity. So, I became more invested in their struggles and strived to help and learn as much as possible. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to make a significant impact in a small way. This experience has made me far more passionate about this topic.

In addition, when I was the President of the Sunway College Student Council (SCC), I worked closely with my Community Service Director to run a community service programme during Valentine’s Day. The event centred around selling roses, upon which the profits would be donated to SHELTER: Home for Children which is an NGO that shelters children who have suffered from abuse and neglect. Thanks to the fantastic effort from my team, we were able to garner a substantial profit to be donated to the welfare centre.

Throughout my experience as the President of SCC, I have learned the importance of active leadership. I have known always to be directly involved with my team. This includes constantly encouraging them, engaging with them, and, most importantly, cheering them on. This experience has undoubtedly made me a far more competent and emphatic leader. It is essential that I was energetic and compassionate to form meaningful connections with the team. It would, then, be a much more fulfilling experience for everyone.

To sum up, I believe altruism brings about a sense of satisfaction, happiness and causes better relationships as well as social connections. It truly warms my heart to realise that I, too can bring about a positive impact on someone. I know to some extent; I am privileged to be where I am and enjoy what I have. Therefore, I find it essential to lend a helping hand wherever I can or whenever I’m able because it’s the least I can do to give back to the community.