Teaching and imparting knowledge to people

28 March 2022
Graeme Tan Jie

Graeme Tan Jie

"Never forget the hands that fed you." This is something that I live by when it comes to remembering and also honouring those that went before me, those that nurtured me, and those who were part of my journey. Giving back is not just a priority, but it’s a necessity. I always believe in sowing into the next generation and seeing them achieve success. I love teaching and imparting knowledge to people, as I find joy through that. During my time in Sunway, I organized workshops to teach people photography skills in my club. I believe that with the right amount of guidance and support, we can all achieve anything.

During my precious time in Sunway, I was part of the Sunway Student Ambassadors (SSA), and through that, I was able to give back to the community through different outreach. One that really stuck to me and is edged into my memory is the time when we visited Rumah Juara Puchong, which was an orphanage that SSA supports. Through that, I was able to go on ground to document everything that happened that day and also be part of the activity. On top of that, I was also part of the different initiatives organized by the club in partnership with Closing the Gap & My Readers programme where we guide and lead the new batch of scholars.

One of my personal key highlights of achievement during my time in Sunway is definitely being awarded the valedictorian for my graduating batch. This award really encouraged me a lot and is an affirmation and recognition for the things that I do.

The KEY GIVING experience that I’ve encountered is definitely the Time given and Talent contribution during my time with SSA. Being part of the club has taught me what it is like to be selfless. Having my seniors reach out to me with their support and encouragement, it made me realize the importance of giving. And it's true when they say it’s better to give, than to receive.